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Fees & Royalties

Fees 💸

Our legacy marketplace charges:
  • 1.4% taker fee
  • -0.4% maker fee (rebate!) 🎉
A -0.4% maker fee means that you earn 0.4% back on every trade (list/bid/market-making order).
Our compressed marketplace charges:
  • 1.4% taker fee
  • 0% maker fee

Royalties 👑

TensorSwap pays full royalties on enforced collections and 0% royalties on the rest.
Only the taker pays enforced royalties. That is if you buy a listing or instant sell into a bid you will be shown the royalties on checkout.
This is in-line with Metaplex's MIP-1 requirements. 🤝
Note, some collections have reached out to us asking why they can't see the royalty payment in solscan on their enforced NFT.
The answer is the payment only shows in the SOL Balances view, and not on the home page of the transaction.
For example, for this transaction you can't see the royalty payment on home page:
But if you click into the SOL Balances tab, you can see we paid the correct creator:
The reason for this has to do with the technical implementation of our protocol. It's just a different way of reassigning lamports from one account to another, which Solscan doesn't correctly index on the main page.