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TensorSwap (our AMM) is like your traditional NFT marketplace but with more trade automation and advanced order types.

What is TensorSwap?

TensorSwap is kinda like an NFT marketplace, but not really.

We're an AMM - an "automated market maker" (the term from DeFi), but for NFTs.

Being an AMM lets us do certain cool things that traditional marketplaces can't - read on to learn more.

How is TensorSwap different from MagicEden / OpenSea?

The main difference is that there's a lot more room for you as the user of the protocol to get paid.

Specifically, there are 2 ways you can earn using TensorSwap:

  1. You can configure your own fee 💸 (0-25%) when creating a market-making order

  2. You earn reward points ⭐️ for all kinds of activities on TensorSwap, mainly setting up orders

Read Market-Making Example to learn more about getting paid as a market-maker.

Check out Rewards for details on our rewards program.

There are a few other differences:

  • We let you set up some really cool order types, such as collection-wide bids (read Buy or Bid) and market-making orders (read Market-Make).

  • We're 100% focused on building the best UX for the NFT trader: we started off building the fastest NFT aggregator & trading venue on Solana (Tensor Trade) and we're bringing the same care and attention to detail to TensorSwap.

How is TensorSwap different to other NFT AMMs?

We are a concentrated liquidity AMM.

This means you as the market-maker get to specify both the price range you provide liquidity (200x+ more efficient liquidity) and the fees you'd like to make.

  • If you provide good prices, you earn all the fees (vs splitting it w/ other LPs). 💸

  • In general, your profit margin/APY will far exceed any passive AMM pools. 🤑

Follow this step-by-step tutorial to Market-Make today!

TensorSwap is live and ready to use!

To get started:

  1. Go to Tensor: www.tensor.trade

    1. Search or browse for your favorite NFT collection (eg "DuckPunkz" or "Cyber Samurais")

  2. Buy, sell, or market-make

If you'd like a bit more explanation on how each order type works, read the below:

🎁pageBuy or Bid🤑pageSell or List🔁pageMarket-Make

Once you're done trading, you can close your order:

pageClosing an Order

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