3️⃣Season 3!

Season 3 has officially started on Tensor.

You can bid, list and market-make to earn points, just like you did in Season 2.

You'll find a full description of how to earn the most points in the rewards hub.

Note that for season 3, the points counter will be hidden. This is to prevent abuse and ensure a healthy NFT market.

You can still see your rank on the leaderboard, but without points.

Introducing Price Locks!

On January 22nd we introduced price locks - a new way to long / short NFTs.

Going forward, a significant proportion of all points will be reserved for price lock LPs, while the remainder will continue going to existing marketplace LPs.

Once again you'll find the full description of how to earn points in the rewards hub.

Or you can read more about price locks themselves 👇

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