🔍Verify an NFT Mint

If you're worried about an NFT listed on Tensor and would like to verify the mint before purchasing it, follow the below steps:

1. Open the NFT modal.

This can be done by clicking on the DETAILS button in card view, or by clicking on the image itself in row view.

2. Find the NFT mint. Click on it.

3. Copy the full token address.

4. Go to Moonrank's page for the relevant collection, such as this one for DeGods.

5. Enter the tokenId into their search bar.

If the NFT is found, you've got the correct mint!

At Tensor we do our best to maintain clean & correct collection mint lists. However, sometimes collections remove/add mints, or generally have weird and complicated mint lists, leading to errors.

Ultimately it is your responsibility as the buyer to verify that any NFTs you're buying is correct.

Tensor doesn't refund any purchases done through its platform - not because we're "bad guys", but because it would set a very dangerous precedent and open the platform to abuse.

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