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Buy or Bid

Buy NFTs on TensorSwap like any other marketplace. You can also place collection-wide bids (limit orders) to buy any NFT from a collection.
Navigate to the BUY tab to begin:
Buy Now
Collection Bid
You can buy any listed NFT on TensorSwap as you would on other marketplaces.
Quickly see what the best BUY NOW price is:

Option 1: Quick Buy

Hover over the NFT and click the BUY button. The price shown beside the NFT is the price you pay (no additional fees)!

Option 2: Bulk/Sweep Mode

Use the slider or click on the NFTs to select the NFTs you would like to purchase.
Click on the big green shiny button (which shows total amount due) to confirm final details.
AKA buy limit order: avoid having to tediously bid on individual NFTs: place a bid to buy any NFT(s) from a collection with 1 click on TensorSwap!

1. Navigate to the COLLECTION BID tab

2. Specify the # of NFTs you'd like to BUY

This will determine up to how many NFTs your bid can buy with the SOL deposited.
If no one sells to you, you may end up buying 0.
If your bid is completely exhausted, you will buy this many NFTs.

3. Specify the starting price

This is the price you pay for the 1st NFT you buy.
All subsequent purchases will be equal or lower (see next point).

4. Specify the "decrease by" or "delta"

This is how much the price will decrease after each purchase.
For example, if the starting price was 4.959 SOL and you specify a decrease of 1 SOL, the 1st purchase will be at 4.959 SOL, the 2nd at 3.959 SOL, the 3rd at 2.959 SOL, etc... until:
  1. 1.
    You run out of SOL deposited
  2. 2.
    The price is negative (< 0)

5. Confirm order details

You will be shown the exact amount of SOL you need to deposit to purchase the # of NFTs you'd like to buy.

6. Sign & send your collection bid! Congrats 🎉

See Closing an Order for how to cancel your bid.