📖Verifying a new NFT Collection

How to List a Solana NFT Collection

Login to our Creator Portal

Head to our Creator Portal and sign up with your email.

Find your Collection

Search for your collection via the NFT's ID/Address or the Collection's ID

Legacy or Compressed

If your collection contains cNFTs (compressed NFTs), select Compressed. If not, then select Legacy.

Identification Method

Tensor has 3 main ways of grouping up your individual NFTs into a collection

  1. Metaplex Certified Collection (on-chain Collection ID)

  2. First Verified Creator

  3. Hashlist

By default, your collection's identification method should be pre-selected. If there's any issues you can manually switch to another option.

Filling in Collection Details

Tensor automatically captures all the on-chain data for your collection. Double check if there are any mistakes and fill in any missing data.

  • Collection Name

  • Collection Slug/URL (tensor.trade/trade/slug)

  • Collection Symbol

  • Description

  • Collection Image (Logo)

  • Socials

    • Twitter (X)

    • Discord (no vanity links, these can be stolen!)

    • Website

Connect with your project's official X account to authenticate your ownership! Your claim may be rejected if you do not connect.

To further authenticate your ownership, it is recommended to connect and sign with your Update Authority wallet.

Once signed, hit the submit button for our staff to review.

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