Growing the pie and getting rewarded - how to do it? Read along

tl;dr - Tensorians can refer others to earn fees & points, and referees get a points multiplier!


The Tensor Referral program rewards you with SOL and Tensor points.

To participate, you must stake at least 1 Tensorian.

Once staked, you will earn:

  1. Additional points multiplier based on your own trading.

  2. A percentage of points from the trading activity generated by your referral code.

  3. 5% of the marketplace fees generated on spot trading volume by your referral code.

Read more on points here: Season 3!

Your referrer bonus scales with number of Tensorian staked.

Milestone 1 (1+ Staked)




Milestone 2 (10+ Staked)




Milestone 3 (50+ Staked)




Benefits increment linearly by 0.025 (Multiplier) and 0.005 (Referral). After Milestone 2, multiplier scale by 0.0125 and referral by 0.0025 instead. Staking benefits caps at 50 Tensorian staked.


  • User with 5 Tensorian staked will gain 12% of points from referee and 1.35x points Multiplier of their own points.

  • User with 15 Tensorian staked will gain 16.25% of points from referee and 1.5625x points Multiplier of their own points.


Referee = the user who signs up with a referral code

Anyone can register using a referral code. New sign-ups will get a 1.05x multiplier forever on their trading activity.

Referee bonus does not stack after you staked at least 1 Tensorian. For example:

  1. Someone who has never been referred - 1.00x multiplier on trading points.

  2. Someone who got referred but no Tensorians staked - 1.05x multiplier on trading points.

  3. Someone who bought a Tensorian and staked it - 1.10x multiplier on trading points.


Trader A is a loyal Tensor user and refers Trader B, let's take a look at how much Trader A will earn from recruiting a decently active trader!

Trader A (Referrer)

  • Has 10 Tensorians staked (Milestone 2)

  • Referred Trader B

  • 2,000 pts earned from Trading

  • +500 pts from staking bonus (1.25x)

  • +750 pts from Trader B ref bonus (15%)

  • +1 SOL in fee rebate from Trader B (5%)

Trader B (Referee)

  • Referred by Trader A

  • 20 SOL spent in fees

  • 5,000 pts earned from Trading

  • +250 pts from ref bonus (1.05x)

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