📒Claiming or Updating an Existing Collection

How to claim and update an existing NFT listing on Tensor?

Search for your NFT collection through the creator portal.

If your collection is already claimed, make sure you are signed in with the correct email address!

After pressing claim, check that all the details are correct.

  • Collection Name

  • Collection Slug/URL (tensor.trade/trade/slug)

  • Collection Symbol

  • Description

  • Collection Image (Logo)

  • Socials

    • Twitter (X)

    • Discord (no vanity link, these can be stolen!)

    • Website

Connect with your project's official X account to authenticate your ownership! Your claim may be rejected if you do not connect.

To further authenticate your ownership, it is recommended to connect and sign with your Update Authority wallet.

Once signed, hit the submit button for our staff to review.

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