🙋Share an Error

If you ever try to transact on Tensor but get an error, the best thing you an do is follow the steps below to share it with us.

That way we'll be able to resolve the issue the quickest (typically within a few hours), and you can get back to trading. 📈⚡️

Step 1: Open the console

Press: Option + ⌘ + J (on macOS), or Shift + CTRL + J (on Windows/Linux).

You'll see this open up:

Step 2: Try to transact

Your transaction will fail:

Now go look for an error in console that looks something like this:

or this:

Note, there are a few errors you will often see in console that are NOT the errors you're looking for, specifically they include these 2:

Step 3: Paste 2 things into Discord into 🐛 #bug-reports

  1. The error as seen above

  2. Full transaction signature for the failed transaction

Don't worry, these errors don't contain any private / identifiable info, so you're safe to share them

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