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Sell or List

Sell NFTs immediately if there's an open collection-wide bid, or list on TensorSwap with max 1.4% taker fees.
Navigate to the SELL tab to begin:
Sell Now
You can sell any NFTs you own immediately for SOL if there is an open collection-wide bid. This allows you get to get instant liquidity for your NFTs without having to wait!
Look to see what's the best SELL NOW price:

Option 1: Quick Sell

Hover over the NFT and click the SELL button.
The price shown in the confirmation modal is the amount you'll receive:

Option 2: Bulk Sell Mode

Use the slider or click on the NFTs to select the NFTs you would like to sell.
Click on the big red shiny button (which shows total proceeds from sale) to confirm final details.
Listing on TensorSwap is like listing on any other marketplace, with 2 benefits:
  1. 1.
    Total fees are capped at 1.4% taker fee plus royalties if enforced
  2. 2.
    You can sell on Bonding Curves: meaning you can sell the 1st NFT for X SOL, the 2nd for X+Y SOL, the 3rd for X+2Y SOL, etc. This lets you receive more for your NFTs as the price goes up automatically.

1. Navigate to the LIST tab

2. Specify the NFTs you'd like to LIST for sale

You can list a number of NFTs in bulk by dragging the slider:
Or individually select NFTs in the gallery to list:

3. Specify the starting price

This is the price you sell the 1st NFT for.
All subsequent sales will be equal or higher (see next point).

4. Specify the "increase by" or "delta"

This is how much the price will increase after each purchase.
For example, if the starting price was 4.94 SOL and you specify an increase of 0.5 SOL, the 1st sale will be for 4.94 SOL, the 2nd at 5.44 SOL, the 3rd at 5.94 SOL, etc... until all the NFTs you listed have been sold.

5. Confirm order details

You will be shown the exact amount of SOL you would receive if you managed to sell all the NFTs you will be listing.

6. Sign & send your listing! Congrats 🎉

See Closing an Order for how to cancel your listing.