4️⃣Season 4!

Season 4 has officially started on Tensor.

You can bid, list and market-make to earn points, just like you did in Season 2 and 3.

You'll find a full description of how to earn the most points in the rewards hub.

Point counter is hidden but you can still see your rank on the leaderboard!

Points Update

Points are now equally distributed across each day, regardless of market volume.

In addition:

✅ Wash-traded collections will be flagged and earn 0 points (shown in UI).

✅ Spoofed bids/listings will not be eligible for points.

Collections with the No Point Icon will generate zero points.

0 and optional royalty collections will generate reduced amounts of points.

End Date

Season 4 will end in December 2024 (day to be specified).

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