👾End of Season 2 + Tensorians are coming!

Time to SHIP IT ⚛️⚡️

Season 2 has ended. You can reveal your rewards by going to the rewards page on Tensor.

In addition to claiming S2 boxes, you can now open and see the contents of your NFT boxes. Any rewards they contain have already been airdropped to your wallet.

When opening your NFT boxes, both Season 1 and Season 2 boxes were included.

Treasure boxes are not yet openable.

Season 2 was about 5x bigger than Season 1 in terms of rewards. Season 3 will be even bigger. Stay tuned for more info. 👀

What's next?

As you probably already know, our very own NFT collection, Tensorians 👾 are coming!

The mint is happening on Monday, 7th August.

You will need Tensorian shards to mint. 10 shards + 1.69 SOL = 1 Tensorian.

Type of shard matters. 🔴🔵🟢🟣

Anyone who won a "WL" will be airdropped 10 shards of the same type (picked randomly) on Monday, right before the mint.

Our Partners <3

Quick shoutout to our amazing partners that have volunteered to put a ton of goodies into our NFT boxes. 🤗 Blessed to be working side by side with these 🐐s <3

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