2️⃣Season 2!

Bigger than season 1

Season 1 has now ended and those of you who provided liquidity on TensorSwap have received your well earned rewards :)

Every 1 SOL of liquidity provided on TensorSwap yielded 25-50x points vs 1 SOL traded on other marketplaces.

TensorSwap LPs earned 25-50x more rewards vs other traders.

Those of you who've supported Tensor publicly and have the mod / OG / ambassador roles in discord have received extra goodies :)

If you haven't received an airdrop, it's for one of 2 reasons:

  1. You were under the threshold (500 SOL volume traded / 200 Tswap points)

  2. You were caught by our wash trading filter (read more here)

Season 2

With the end of Season 1, we're announcing Season 2!

Importantly, Season 2 will carry more rewards than Season 1 and those rewards will be exclusively for TensorSwap users.

So if you missed Season 1 don't worry you can still earn the lion's share of rewards going forward.

Season 2 begins RIGHT NOW and will carry MORE rewards than Season 1!

What are the criteria for Season 2?

Broadly speaking they are:

  • The only 3 actions that will be rewarded will be BIDDING, LISTING, and MARKET-MAKING

  • Collection will need to be in the top 100 by 24 hours volume to earn any points

  • Bidding/listing too far away from the floor won't give you points

  • Bidding/listing on shit collections nobody heard of won't give you points

  • Placing many bids with a small shared escrow balance won't give you many points

    • 2 non-escrowed bids 10 sol each (20 total) will give more points than 10 bids with 10 sol in shared escrow

  • Wash trading definitely won't give you points (but will give us fees, for which we're grateful)

  • If your bid/listing is taken, it stops earning points

  • Time matters! the longer your bid/listing is active, the more points it earns

  • Market-making is arguably the most convenient of the 3, as any bid taken becomes a listing and any listing taken becomes a bid

    • Remember that you're also earning juicy market-making fees in the process :)

  • And of course... all of this only on TensorSwap (if you list/bid on ME via Tensor you won't get points, in fact, you'll lose loyalty (see below))

You can find more details if you go to the airdrop page (after claiming airdrop 1):

Note that only liquidity for the top 100 collections counts

What about "points"? ⭐️

If you've participated in Season 1 you're used to seeing a number in top right corner you can optimize. Those points have been accounted for ✅ and are now reset to 0.

What about going forward? Each wallet still has a points counter moved to the top left of the screen as seen below when you connect your wallet.

The only way to earn points this season you will need to bid/listing/AMM on the top 100 by 24-hour volume. In the meantime, the best way to earn rewards is to provide liquidity close to the floor. If you try to game the system by wash trading, we'll zero out your points and you'll get nada. Don't be evil ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Introducing Loyalty

While the instructions above describe how to earn more boxes, loyalty determines the rarity of the boxes you get. It does not impact quantity, only rarity.

Loyalty is defined by % of your listings on Tensor vs other marketplaces. A few examples:

  • If you currently have 3 listings on Tensor and 3 listings on ME, your loyalty score is going to be only 50% (low) :(

  • If you have 4 on Tensor and 1 elsewhere it will be 80% (better)

  • if you have 5 on Tensor and 0 elsewhere it will be 100% (you're on FIRE 🔥)

To maximize your loyalty list only on TensorSwap.

There are 4 tiers of loyalty:

  • <50% loyalty - lowest tier

  • 50-90% loyalty - medium tier

  • 90-97% loyalty - upper tier

  • 97%+ loyalty - top tier

Rare boxes will contain a lot more stuff than normal boxes, so it's worth trying to land the highest tier 🫡

What's inside the boxes?

Ancient Tensorian texts are somewhat hard for us hoomans to decipher and it will take some time until we figure out how to open the mysterious Tensorian boxes.

We know for a fact that there's something valuable inside... but what? Descriptions provide some hints, but in general, you'll just have to wait...

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