↔️Shared Escrow

Bidding with capital efficiency

Shared escrow allows you to place many bids with the same pool of SOL. This includes full collection bids, trait bids, and offers on individual NFTs. Every bid funded with shared escrow that is less than or equal to your shared escrow balance will simultaneously be active and fillable. If your shared escrow balance drops below the amount needed to fund a particular bid, that bid will be deactivated, but the rest will remain active.

Adding SOL to your shared escrow balance can re-activate old bids that you might have forgotten about. You should always check whether you have bids with shared escrow enabled before making a deposit. Anyone can re-activate your bids that use the shared escrow, not just you.

How to use shared escrow:

First, you should be in "Pro" mode to manage and use your shared escrow balance. When you submit a bid, you'll have the option to enable shared escrow.

To enable shared escrow for bids on individual NFTs, you'll need to find this toggle in the app settings:

Purchase caps:

Purchase caps can be used to limit the number of NFTs an order can buy, so that it can't use up your whole shared escrow balance if you don't want it to. Read more about purchase caps here.

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