🤔Weird Phantom Transactions

A common question we get is: "hey, I'm not using Tensor, don't have any pools or listings setup, but I see these negative value transctions in my wallet by your app - what are they?"

The answer is - those are royalty payments.

The large green numbers are royalties paid to you by Tensor. The small negative gray numbers are fees paid BY THE SENDER of Royalties to make those transactions happen.

Unfortunately Phantom INCORRECTLY CLASSIFIES those fees as if they were paid by your wallet, when in actuality they haven't.

In other words, it's a UI bug. You haven't paid a cent of your own money.

The small negative numbers are INCORRECTLY displayed by Phantom as if you paid them - when actually the SENDER of royalties paid them. It's a UI bug.

As a proof, click into one of these transactions, open it on Solscan and check who actually paid the fee. You'll see it wasn't your wallet.

We're chatting to team Phantom to get this fixed 🫡

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