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Solana's Leading NFT Marketplace
Tensor is Solana's Leading NFT Marketplace built for traders 📈 and creators 🎨.

Traders 📈

As a trader you'll find on Tensor:
  • Deepest liquidity on all of Solana
  • Coverage of all 10,000+ collections on Solana
  • A lightning-fast, composable UI that updates in real-time
  • Advanced functionality for pros
  • Full support for market-making orders and collection-wide bids
  • 2 modes: lite and pro for casual and pro traders, respectively
  • Analytics, including a floor price chart, rarity chart, orderbook and more
  • Fun rewards for trading
  • 4 integrated rarity systems
  • A trollbox 😈
We charge a 1.4% taker fee and -0.4% maker fee (listings, bids, market-making) 🆓

Creators 🎨

As a creator you'll find on Tensor:
  • A hub to manage your collection - add/remove mints, change name & description, group your collections under one creator for easy discovery
  • A cNFT launchpad to experiment with Solana's unique NFT asset class - compressed NFTs!

Tensorians 👾

We also have our very own NFT collection - Tensorians 👾 - read more below!
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